Thursday, Jan 27



Monday: Waffles





Lunch Rotation

11:30: Seniors; 11:35- Oliver, Baumeister;      11:38- R Gebhart, S Gebhart;     11:41- Ham, Kohn, Loder, Klitzke,     11:44- Odenbach & Straight; Heil    Bell (11:47)- Dirk& Peterson    



Monday:  Chicken Patty, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy



Thursday: Spaghetti w/ meat sauce & bread stick


Students are reminded that during the school day and after school, they are supposed to enter  and leave the building through the front doors.


ALL Srs will meet on Thursday during 3rd hour in Mrs. Klitzke’s room to discuss the “American Exchange” program


The BBB game against McIntosh for tonight has been cancelled.


The following students are scheduled to work both sessions of concessions at Saturday’s double header:  Rosie Storm, Tyler Ellingson, Alyssa Dix & Jim Stevens. Report to the concession stand at 1:30. If you cannot work or if you cannot be there at starting time, you are responsible for finding someone to cover for you!