Lemmon Elementary School


905 5th Avenue West, Lemmon, SD 57638

PHONE: 605.374.3784 FAX: 605.374.5424

About Lemmon Elementary

Here at Lemmon Elementary School, we care about the success of each and every student.

Students at our school benefit from a teacher/student ratio of 1:17. Students excel academically, and Lemmon Elementary was named a distinguished school in 2011.

We are proud of our school and invite you to visit. For the safety of our students, please stop in at the office when making a visit.

Our Elementary operates on a four-day school week and includes kindergarten through grade six. School hours are from 8:05 in the morning to 3:45 in the afternoon.

The education of our children is a team effort and you are an integral part of that team. Feel free to contact me regarding concerns, problems, or celebrations!